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Business partner
Why is it so popular with the customers?
Founded capital of 10 million yuan
Years of development, the total number of employees nearly one thousand people
Products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions
Business covers a number of industry
Flexible Cable supplier
Become an excellent supplier
Professional Equipment Excellent produnction chain and equipment
KMCABLE has advanced prodution equipment and high-precision product testing equipment to provide a strong guanrantee for the production of high-quality flexible cable.
High quality customer service
specialized service

> Free techincal consultation,professional engineers for you to answer questions;
> 24 hours warm for you to solve problems,cross-regional service;
> Perfect logistics distribution distribution sstem to ensure efficient supporting.
Professional R & D team
We have Excellent R & D team

Follow ISO9001 international quality system,strict production,from product design,incoming inspection,prduct first inspection,sampling inspection,delivery inspection and other links,high-end customer cable customized quality requirements.
Long term service partner of equipment
We are an excellent cable supplier, cable production, processing, assembly accessories in one.
Evaluation of cooperative customers
Their products are also excellent, can fully meet our needs, the production of products and equipment
Many years of partners, so many years of business contacts let us more tacit understanding, worthy of being recommended to more enterprises
To provide customers with perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sale service, has won a wide range of market reputation and good reputation
Over the years, their company has won the recognition of our customers with excellent quality and good after-sales service

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